Individual Plan

✔ Comprehensive new client telemedicine health assessment with a Qwell Participating provider Same day Covid testing via PCR

✔ Rapid Antigen, or Saliva home testing (*testing supplies additional cost, see below)

✔ Access to reliable, lower-priced Covid testing whenever and wherever you need it

✔ Help managing the administrative burdens surrounding access to healthcare Advice on who the best doctor is for you and help getting in to see those doctors

✔ Unlimited texting and access to Concierge services Same day home visits for Covid testing (**add’l fees apply, see below)

Individual Plan

Plus Monthly Covid Testing

✔ Take away all the worries of getting tested for Covid!

✔ Qwell concierge will reserve 12 Covid nasal-swab PCR tests for you, once for each month

✔ Get you in to see a provider at the day and time that you want that testing done (Mon-Fri 9-5)

✔ All test results received within 72 hours Upgrade to saliva testing or rapid Antigen testing for add’l $75/month

Pod Plan

**Limited Memberships Available**

Maximum Pod Size 9

✔ One adult representative per Pod and up to 9 Pod members One reserved Covid PCR

✔ Personal Covid testing plan for your Pod and coordination with a health care provider to implement the plan Same day Covid testing facilitated as above

✔ Nasal test per month for each Pod members grades N-12

✔ Additional testing to be provided at pricing below Access to reserve supplies of Covid testing for additional on demand testing as needed (pricing below)

Additional Costs of Supplies and Services

Above plans do NOT cover physician/health care provider services. All Covid testing is done by an independent healthcare provider and billed to the client’s healthcare insurance. In the event that client does not have insurance or insurance fails to cover a Covid consult or test, Client will be responsible for the following charges to be collected by Qwell Concierge on behalf of the Provider:

• Provider consultation: $100

• Rapid in-office Antigen Nasal Swab test (results in 15 minutes): $75

• 24 hour PCR saliva test: $150

• Standard Saliva test (results in 72 hours): $75

• Standard Nasal swab (results 72 hours): $50

• Home visit (between hours of 6-9 pm only, limited spots available) $1000