Whether it’s seasonal allergies or allergies to cats and dogs, if you have allergies you are not alone. Approximately 50 million Americans have allergy-related conditions. There are hundreds of ordinary substances, such as  pollens, molds, dust, and pets, that can trigger allergic reactions. See below for top recommended Allergists who can help you out when allergies get you down.


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Education: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MD
Practice/Affiliations: City Allergy, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Areas of Expertise: Asthma, anaphylaxis, chronic cough, sinusitis
Recommended by: Bertie Bregman, Nina Priven
Office Locations: Midtown, Downtown

Education: SUNY Stony Brook, MD
Practice/Affiliations: Allergy and Immunization, Mount Sinai Hospital
Areas of Expertise: Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Recommended by: Bertie Bregman
Office Locations: Upper West Side

Education: University of Michigan, Michigan State, MD
Affiliations: Rush University Medical Center, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Areas of Expertise: Pediatric, Adult Allergy and Immunology
Recommended by: Kimberly Dy
Office Locations: Upper West Side