For Providers

At Qwell, we believe in not only connecting patients with the best doctors, but also connecting the best doctors with each other.

How it Works

To join as a provider, accept your invitation or apply for membership in a few short steps. Once you’re accepted, we’ll work with you to grow your presence on Qwell, tailored to your individual preferences.


We’ll help you set-up your account, and create your profile page for you, either from existing information or information you’d like to provide.


Grow your referral network & visibility by connecting with other Qwell providers you’d refer to. Invite other providers to join Qwell.


Share your availability by creating a calendar. Make it visible to everyone or just to providers within your private Qwell network.


“Qwell is an interconnected group of top healthcare providers, who share a philosophy surrounding the basic tenet of providing our patients with the best medical care. With Qwell, new patients are finding me online and booking, and other providers are sending me patients. With Qwell I can actually find out who those patients are and follow up myself to help them schedule if they don’t schedule themselves!”

Rachel Bregman
Qwell Network Provider

Did You Know?


Up to 60% of the time that a doctor refers a patient, the referral never gets completed.

With Qwell, you will be notified every time another provider recommends you to a patient.

So now you can actually know when someone sends you a patient (how many times have you been asked “did that patient I referred to you ever show up?”)

As a part of the Qwell Network your account will show you the patient information.

If that patient doesn’t book, you can follow up with them yourself, reducing “referral leakage” to all-time lows.

And provide an easy way for you to say “thank you” to the referring doctor, helping to keep your Qwell network strong.

Join the Qwell Provider Network

To join as a provider, accept your invitation or apply for membership in a few short steps.