Hematology is the study of blood health and diseases. It includes problems with the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, blood vessels, bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, and the proteins involved in bleeding and clotting. A doctor of hematology applies this specialized knowledge to treat patients with blood conditions.

Source: American Society of Hematology


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Education: Harvard College, Weill Cornell Medical School
Affiliations: NY Presbyterian, Columbia University
Areas of Expertise:
 Anemia, Coagulation disorders, Cancer care
Recommended by:
 Westside Family Medicine
Office Location: NY Presbyterian

Education: University of Genoa
Affiliations: Mt. Sinai Hospital
Areas of Expertise:
 Anemia, Cancer, Hepatitis C, Deep Vein Thrombosis
Recommended by:
 Westside Family Medicine
Office Location: Upper East Side