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At Qwell, we believe in not only connecting patients with the best doctors, but also connecting the best doctors with each other.

What is Qwell?

Qwell is an interconnected group of top healthcare providers, who share a philosophy of providing our patients with the best medical care. 

How does Qwell work?

The provider platform connects you with other doctors in the network, allows you to directly book patients with other specialists, and notifies you every time they send you a patient. That means, those patients actually get seen by your doctors, rather than ending up somewhere else. On top of that, a patient platform offers online booking, which many doctors are using in addition to or in place of other online booking platforms. Our online portal is entirely HIPAA compliant and allows you to veiw your schedule, appointments, appointment requests and consult notes in one convenient place. 

Benefits of Joining Qwell

Qwell helps you build better connections and schedule patients with doctors across specialties like never before!

Using our online provider network, your patients can easily access the doctors you trust from every specialty and schedule or request appointments directly with them online! This means that you’ll be notified when another provider sends their patient to you, and vice versa, ensuring that your patients don’t slip through the cracks.

The online booking calendar allows patients to easily access Qwell provider’s appointment times and locations to schedule appointments at their convenience.

As a Qwell provider, you also gain extra visibility to patients with your Provider Profile. Patients can learn more about you, your practice, what insurances you take, FAQs, and even see reviews from other patients. 

How to Join Qwell

I want to join Qwell. How do I sign up?

First, visit our provider information page. You will be directed to a form which prompts you to enter your name, specialty and contact information. This information will be sent to our founders, who will reach out shortly to set up a time to meet and discuss joining Qwell.

Logging into Your Account

I’m already a Qwell Network provider. How do I login to my account?

Visit the login page.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Visit the login page. You will find a link for forgotten passwords beneath the login window. This link will direct you to enter your account email. An email will be sent with instructions for resetting your password.

Still having difficulties logging in?

Send us an email. We’ll get to work to figure out what the problem is and get you back into your account.

Using the Qwell Booking Calendar

In order to use the Qwell Booking Calendar you must be a Premium Qwell Provider. If you are not currently enrolled in Qwell Provider services and would like to upgrade, please visit our provider information page. If you are already a Qwell member, these guidelines may help you navigate the calendar feature.

How do I add availability on my Qwell Calendar? 

First, login to your account and click on the schedule tab on the left side of the page. A drop-down list of the providers in your practice will be displayed at the top left of the screen. Select a Provider. To add availability to the calendar, click and drag your mouse on the desired day. A pop-up window will give you the opportunity to adjust the start and end times and select the location. Now, patients can see that these times are available and book online!

How do I cancel availability on my Calendar?  

To cancel availability, click on any available appointments block. When the window appears, select the “Delete” button in the bottom right corner.

Directing Patients

How do I view referrals made to me by other providers?

You will recieve email notification whenever a pateint is referred to you by another physician. In order to see these patients, you must be a member of Qwell Provder Basic or Qwell Provider Plus. These patients should appear under the “Requested Appointments” tab on left side of the page.

How do I refer my patients to see another provider?

To refer a patient to another provider, find the patient you would like to refer in the Patients tab. If the patient cannot be found in the system, you may input the patient by selecting the “Add Patient” button in the top left corner of the page. Select the patient. Then, select the “Book Appointment” button on the bottom right corner of the window. You can search physicians by first name, last name, specialty or practice.

If a provider is part of the Qwell provider network and has availability in their calendar, an appointment can be made for your patient directly. If a Qwell provider does not have availability or you would not like to schedule an appointment at that time, you can simply select the “Request Appointment” button. This will notify both the patient and the doctor of the appointment request.

I can’t find the provider I want to refer to in Qwell. Can I still refer to them? 

Yes! Even if the provider you want to refer your patient to is not in Qwell, you can still send your ‘Appointment Request’. If a provider is not already in the Qwell network, seach “Qwell Referrals” to send us the name of the practice or provider you’d like to send your patient to. We’ll reach out to them directly and complete the referral on your behalf. 

Recommending Another Provider to Qwell

I want to refer to a doctor that is not on Qwell. How can I do that?

If a certain healthcare provider is NOT yet part of the Qwell Provider Network, you may send the referral to Qwell Referrals. This notifies us, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll make sure that the recommended provider is contacted and the patient is sent their contact information so they may reach out to schedule an appointment.

I have colleagues or associates who may be interested in Qwell. Where should I send them?

Tell them to check out Qwell! They can visit our provider information page to submit a request to discuss Qwell with one of our founders. After the request is submitted, they will be contacted within 48 hours. 

Consult Notes

The Consult Notes feature allows doctors to communicate directly and share patient consult notes and documents securely, while complying with HIPPA regulations, in our online portal. This allows doctors to stay up to date and informed about their patient’s diagnoses and treatment progress. Sending consult note online is quick, easy and helps to close the communication loop.

How do I send a consult not to another healthcare provider? 

Find the ‘My Patients’ tab on the left hand side of the page. Select the correct patient and click ‘Send Consult Note’. Search for the doctor you’d like to send the note to, usually the provider who referred this patient to you. Then, add your note and send. 

If the doctor you’d like to send to isn’t in Qwell yet, you can send the note to Qwell and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Appointment Requests

I received an ‘Appointment Request’, what does this mean?

Receiving an appointment request, can mean one of two things.

First, it may mean that a Qwell provider has sent a patient to you for treatment of a condition that you specialise in. The patient has received your information and can reach out to your office directly. However, if you are not yet a Qwell provider, you may not access the patient’s information because you have not yet signed our HIPPA agreement, allowing you to access Personal Health Information.

It may also mean that a patient has found you listed on Qwell.com as a recommended provider and they would like to be contected by someone in your office to set up an appointment. Again, in order to access the Provider Portal you must have already signed up and signed our HIPPA agreement.

For more information about Qwell, please visit our provider information page.