Women's Health

Women have many unique health concerns — menstrual cycles, pregnancy, birth control, menopause. While a number of health issues affect only women, others are more common or present differently in women. The broad expertise of women’s health professionals creates an environment of focused care for women. 

Source: Harvard Health, Mayo Clinic


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Education: Smith College, Brown Medical School, MD
Practice/Affiliations: NY Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, The Motherhood Center
Areas of Expertise: Postpartum Support
Recommended By: Rachel Bregman, Bertie Bregman, Daniel Labow
Office Location: Midtown

The Motherhood Center

At the Motherhood Center, we recognize that becoming a mom isn’t always easy. Sometimes there can be moments of joy, but there can also be moments when you feel anxious or sad. If you have these feelings sometimes or a lot of the time, you are not alone, it’s not your fault, and you can feel better with the right help.

Office Location: Midtown

Education: Touro College
Practice/Affiliations: Flex Physical Therapy
Areas of Expertise: Orthopedic rehabilitation, pelvic floor dysfunction
Recommended By: Westside Family Medicine
Office Locations: Upper West Side, Midtown West

Education: Simmons College, BS in Clinical Nutrition, New York University, MS
Practice/Affiliations: Private practice
Areas of Expertise: Weight loss, Gut Health, Autoimmune conditions, Functional Medicine, DUTCH test, Supplements, Whole Food Diet Therapy
Recommended By: Rachel Bregman
Location: Greater NYC area, Virtual Consults Available

Education: NRI Medical College
Practice/Affiliations: NY Presbyterian, Columbia University Medical Center, Westside Family Medicine
Areas of Expertise: Internal Medicine
Recommended By: Rachel Bregman, Bertie, Bregman, Westside Family Medicine
Office Locations: Morningside Heights, Upper Westside, Upper Eastside

Education: New York University, MD; NYU Medical Center, Yale University
Practice/Affiliation: NYU Langone
Area of Expertise: Reproductive Endocrinology
Recommended by: Abigail Rapaport
Office Location: Kips Bay

Education: Columbia University, Albany Medical College, MD
Practice/Affiliations: NY Presbyterian Medical Center/Columbia University
Areas of Expertise: Family Planning, Menopause, Women’s Health
Recommended By: Rachel Bregman, Bertie Bregman, Westside Family Medicine
Office Locations: Greenwich Village

Education: University of Texas at Austin Medical Branch, MD; Harvard Medical School Acupuncture, Nalanda Institute Contemplative Psychotherapy
Affiliations: Columbia University, Nalanda Institute
Areas of Expertise: Medical Acupuncture, Mind-Body Medicine, Medicinal Herbs and Botanicals
Recommended by: Bertie Bregman
Office Location: Midtown

Education: University of Wisconsin, Columbia University, University of Arizona
Affiliations: Columbia University
Areas of Expertise: Integrative and Functional Women’s Health
Recommended by: Pooja Shah
Office Location: Murray Hill